Who we are

The Believers’ Faith Campaign started out as a monthly event in 2014 but has now grown into an organisation that hosts interdenominational events that focus on the teaching of the Word of God, the preaching of the Gospel, special sessions for praying for the sick and the demonstrations of the Holy Spirit as a vehicle for restoration and revival Believers' Faith Campaign events are open, free of charge, to members of the public who want to make advancements in religion through living out their Christian faith. We also hold ad-hoc events where we empower attendees with life skills to cope with diverse everyday situations. We have had events since 2014

What we do

Create a platform for UK citizens to rediscover their rich heritage of revivals and remember that God has not abandoned this nation. Demonstrate that the gospel of Jesus includes physical healing of sickness and disease, in addition to financial prosperity and spiritual healing, through balanced teaching of the Word of God. Create a platform to showcase unrecognised ministers. Recognise the Holy Spirit as the governing force of Heaven and stimulate faith through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit in Christians today. Create an atmosphere of worship that attracts the glory of God